Dear Wolfson

"A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved."

Ground Up "Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes" (Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes)

So Today is Al Azar’s birthday, I decided to give him a meaningful Facebook birthday post. I told him that Girls Whoe Smoke Cigarettes completely changed my life. I put the album on to try and get an original quote to use and I got lost in the first couple tracks that came on. Specifically the title track of the album.

When this song comes on it reminds me of the days when we would wake up so a valley covered with 2-3 feet of snow and a sky as blue as the lakes of Minnesota. I would wake up groggy as hell, probably on that stupid futon, and you would already be awake fooling around with domey or on your computer. Specifically I remember this song, you would play this song and hand me the bong and we would wake up together propelling our consciousnesses in unison toward the cloudless Montana sky. collectively we gazed out that window numbed by the desolation of Montana winter sprawled out in front of our eyes. Life feels like that winter without you here.

When this album dropped it was right around our insane Christmas break time. 5 days alone at each end of the break we sat alone in that dorm room and slowly but sure stared insanity iand desperation n the face — and somehow now I look back upon those times as the best of my life. When I tell Azar that this album changed my life I mean that listening to it with you changed my life. It made it better than I thought would be possible and took me higher than I thought I could fly.

Sorry I haven’t posted on here in a while. Life has been crazy. Plans have been made and canceled, long lasting friendships have been torn and taped up, I have a significant other again (don’t fret you’d like her), and I’m within reach of acquiring Domey and The Inline (Gail) from Sea-Town. And I miss you. 

I love you pooks…


#bluebird #gnarbucket  (at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort)

“It’s easy to be a cynic…”

—   Anonymous 

Here is the Dorm room. A lot of the shots are shitty cuz it’s so dark (and this computer cam is such a Dell piece of shit) but you can get the basic gist of things. I love yah bro,


Mother’s Day

I was thinking back to this time last year and realized I was with my mom and uncle Jack eating Indian food at an Indian Mother’s Day brunch put on at a restaurant near his house in western MA. I was thinking about how vulnerable I was, how fresh of a wound your death still was. You’re death will always be an open gaping hole in my chest as far as wounds go, but I’m hoping with time it will become a scar, not the ugly kind, but the kind you don’t put sun tan lotion on purposely because it looks cool and you never want to forget how it happened. I love you man and I never want to forget you and our time together. I never will.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and momma Wolfson, I miss you and her. I didn’t call your family today, I always feel like I bring up bad memories and feelings for them. It hurts me a lot knowing that but I respect their decisions. You were such a bright light in this world of stars and on days like today its especially hard knowing you’re not here in person to spend time with your loved ones. I’ll always love yah pooks,


You and Momma Bear in Paris. Happy Mother’s Day Gail! <3